The Agile Strategy Lab Podcast

What’s Really Happening When Change Happens

May 10, 2021

When we see a change movement - whether it’s within a company, an institution, or a region - how can we learn to see what’s not in plain sight? And more importantly, can we take advantage of the properties of change to get a movement started in such a way that it will have increasing impact and grow? In this episode, you'll hear from Greg Sattell, the author of Cascades: How to Create a Movement that Drives Transformational Change. Greg’s work aligns with our own, particularly as we think about three groups of people; the enthusiastic “pioneers” who are the first believers, the persuadable “pragmatists” that need to be brought on board, and the “soreheads,” - the implacable opponents of change. Greg was living in Kyiv (Kiev) in the early 2000’s, leading a media company, and saw political protests  transforming into something bigger. What he observed propelled him into a new phase of his career as he explored what was behind this kind of phenomenon and how to apply those principles within organizations.